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2nd Quarter Newsletter - Charles' Recap

July 01, 2021

We have learned a valuable lesson from this past year. It was a challenging time full of “crises” and it tested the emotions and resolve of investors. The stock market hit a low point on March 23, 2020, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Global economies were hit hard due to lockdowns. We had one of the most contentious presidential elections ever. Yet, if you had slept through this and woke up in the new year, you wouldn’t have known what your portfolio went through. The markets rebounded significantly and erased the temporary loss in the early part of the year. 

The lesson is that the remedy for fear and whatever the current “crisis” of the day is, is to have a sound financial plan. A plan that you can stick to when the market gets crazy. We can help you devise such a plan for your long-term hopes and dreams. Call us for an appointment to discuss your goals.